Excursion with Etretat

Cliff of Upstream

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A Marked out walk of an easy access which will enable you to traverse a splendid site, and to slacken you moreover.

Duration: 1h30. You will discover along your course:

- the vault

- the museum Nungesser and Coli

- the Gate of Amond

- the Cauldron, which thunders per time of storm.

- the Rock Vaudieu (vestiges of Cliff and its Arches)

- The Romain Ditch.

- a ground of walk and jogging of 22ha, with its surfaces, and meals pastoral

And you will finish by the Park of Leisures of the Rocks, incomparable panorama with various attractions, of the adventure playgrounds, a miniature golf and an aquarium. For the walkers, it is easy, after the Rock Vaulieu, to continue on Bénouville, a functioning of 3h00 where you admire in more the Needle of Belval and the Small dry valley of the priest.

Cliff of Downstream

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A marked out walk of an easy access which will fill with wonder you by this very rare decoration and execptionnel.

Duration: 1h30. On the basis of Perry you will discover:

- the Gate of the Downstream, with its extraordinary Arch.

- The Needle.

- Manneporte, the 2nd Arch.

- the Small dry valley of Antifer, where many birds live.

You will then be able, directing you towards the Farms and the Battery, to return towards Etretat by the Path of Valaine in all, a 3 hours loop, unforgettable.

Recommendations with the Hikers

- not to deviate from the paths.

- nothing to throw, carry waste.

- To hold the dogs leaves some.

- To respect nature, the cultures, the animals.

- Think of the work of the farmers and the foresters.

- In period of hunting, be careful.

- In forest, never light fire.

- On these paths, circulate V.T.T., pedestrians, horses, attachments, nature absorbs the noises, think of the crossings.


Valeine: Manor of Cateuil - Road of Le Havre. F-76790 Etretat

Ruchers d' Etretat: Firm of the Plane trees. - Holy Bordeaux Clearly. 76790 Etretat

Bénédictine Palate: 110 street Alexandre the Large one - 76400 Fécamp

Museum Arsene Lupin: 15 street Guy of Maupassant - 76790 Etretat - Tel.. 02 35 27 55 45

Museum Nungesser and Coli: Cliff of Upstream - 76790 Etretat - Such. 02 35 27 07 47

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