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Impossible to go to Peking without going to see the Large Wall " If you L ' did not see, you N ' did not see China. An old proverb is even further ensuring than L ' one N ' is not man as long as L ' one N ' did not reach the Large Wall, nor hero as long as L ' one N ' did not press its covered way!

The current wall dates, for L ' essential, of XVème century, but its origin goes up at least in VIIème century av.J.-C. The large wall was thus built in ten D ' years by an army of 300 000 soldiers controlled by the General Meng Tian to which S ' added some 500 000 convicts and peasants requisitioned in all the provinces of L ' Worsens.

As of their advent, Ming S ' hastened to build a new wall more in the south, to prevent any return of the Mongols. Work, which started into 1368, was going to last more than two hundred years.

To the XVII 2nd century, the wall S extended on nearly 6400 km D ' is in west, of the Yalu river in Jiayuguan in the desert of Godi. D ' an average height of 8m, for a width of 7m at its base and 5.50m at its node, this work colossal was bored hundreds of gates and master keys, and was punctuated thousands of turns of guet and bastions.



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muraille2.jpg (29982 octets)

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