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Practical information:


Passengers: for the French nationals and the EEC: adults or children, passport or valid indentity card. Minors not accompanied by a relative: to provide, in addition to identity, the authorization paper of output of territory. For the nationals except the EEC: visa necessary in certain case. (question the Britanique Consulate)

Vehicles: Motor bikes and private cars: plate identifying nationality, automobile license, insurance, driving licence. Are prohibit: camp-site bus, caravans and coaches.

Language: English is the official language.

Currency: Decimal number system. Deliver Sterling.

Hour: Less 1 hour all the year with France.

Electricity: 240 volts. To envisage an adapter because the catches are three-phase.

Climate: maritime moderate. Beneficial influence of the GULF Steam.

Schedules of opening of the stores: of 9h30 with 17h30 without interruption except local Sunday and public holidays.


Maritime route


Leave to the browsing the one the ranges Jersey, from which much of them is classified among cleanest Europe. Or you join to the one walks guided along the coast which are offered free all the summer, the occasion to make you explain the extraordinary variety of marine and coastal life which the island shelters. Visit the Maritime Museum, museum preceded where objects which you can touch explain you in a ludic way the mysteries of the sea. Perfect for all the ages leave to discovered the center interpretation in Mielles, with St Ouen' S Bay, where film and exposures will reveal you all that there is to know about this single natural reserve in its kind.


Venture carefully


Explore the 154km network clearly marked out cyclist which furrows 116 km2 of the island. You will not require for card if you choose to join to you to the one free guided tours. The experts will take you along towards the hidden corners of this splendid island, revealing you of the landscapes of an extraordinary splendour and making you discover all that makes so special the built and natural inheritance of the island. You can visit one of the residence or one of the private manors which exist in great number and which open their gates with the public. The use of the word " jersey " to mean knitted sweater finds its origin in the association which the island has maintained for 400 years with industry knitting the traditional tools fishermen are always made there.




St-Malo / Jersey in 70 minutes on board " Solidor5 ". It brings best comfort and service to you. Stabilization, shows panoramic, space club, cafeteria, bar and shops of tax-free goods: businesses to be made!!!

Lines Emerald: Ferry terminal of Naye. Harbour station of the Stock Exchange. 35400 Saint-Malo




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