With the crossroads of the roads leading in Brittany, Normandy and to the such mirage, Loire château, emerging from the plain of Beauce two arrows of the Cathedral Our-Lady of Chartres.

Medieval splendour with null other similar, the Cathedral radiates, collecting all the glances. With the shade of its propping up the heart of the hurdy-gurdy city beats. Capricious streets and lanes with the tasty names, bordered of old houses with pinion, staircases descending towards the low city which are reflected in water of the Eure.... lose for better finding you.

Effervescence around the stalls of the market, charms of a small uneven bridge spanning the river, elegance of a frontage, glare of the stained glasses of an old church, richness of the museums to the thousand treasures, magic in a concert which ignites the city, passion of one artisant of art, freshness of one terasse close to a water mill... keep all your directions in awakening.

Discover with complete freedom the secrecies of the hurdy-gurdy city by borrowing its picturesque streets, its old bridges and its hillocks.


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