In boat: In a green and shaded framework, near to the cathedral and centre town, you can slacken on the Eure the time of a walk in boat, pedal boat, the canoe, or quite simply refresh you by enjoying an ice or a drink at the edge of water. Park of the edges of the Eure, with the foot of the bridge of Courtille.


In train: Aboard train small, let tell the history of the hurdy-gurdy city. You saunter in picturesque and typical streets which bear the name of the trades which were practised along the river. Without tiredness, you admire the jewels of the religious architecture: collegial St Andre, the church St Pierre.


Museum of the Art schools: Located in the old episcopal palate, it exposes all the year of rich person collections of old and modern art comprising works of Zurbaran, Chardin, Vlaminck, Soutine, a collection océanienne and an example of harpsichords of WVIIème and XVIIIème centuries.

29, Cloister Our Lady - Chartres - Such: 02/37/36/14/69


Gateway office of the Stained glass: With 50m of the cathedral, this Center, single in its kind, installed in the old Barn in Dimes- a medieval storeroom of XIIIème century classified Historic building was founded in 1980. It reveals you the secrecies of the art of the stained glass, an art which has its schools, its Masters. With through exposures on the old stained glasses and comptemporains, of the introductory courses for children and adults, of the visits conference and a workshop open to the public, they are the techniques complex and attractive of this art which become accessible all the stages of the creation of a stained glass are recalled there in an alive way and supplements, witnesses of a very alive art always in Chartres.

5, street of the Black and white Cardinal - Chartres - Such: 02/37/36/15/34


Academy Of Agriculture: Larger French museum devoted to Agriculture, this academy, arranged in an old rotunda of engines with vapor of the beginning of the century, tells the rural practices last and present, through 3000m2 of single collections of tools and agricultural machinery. An alive and interactive museography, a multi-media space and exposures temporairent help to include/understand the relations between the feeding, agriculture, the environment...

Bridge of Mainvilliers - Chartres - Such: 02/37/36/11/30


Picassiette House:22, street of the Rest - Chartres 02/37/34/10/78


House of Archaeology: Created in 1993, it preserves the documents and the collections coming from the excavations carried out in Chartres since 1976 and presents each year a new exposure devoted to local archaeology and department.

16, street Saint-Pierre - Chartres - Such: 02/37/30/21/20


Departmental museum of the School: All universe of the School at the beginning of the century through a classroom of accurately reconstituted countryside and various animations. Possibility of English animations.

1, street of July 14 - Chartres - Such: 02/37/30/07/69


Natural history museum of the Natural science and Prehistory: Collections of zoology, botany, local geology, mineralogy, paleontology, local prehistory and entomology.

5 (a), boulevard of Courtille - Chartres Such: 02/37/28/36/09


Office of Tourism of Chartres:

Place Cathedral. Such: 02/37/18/26/26


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