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Classified among the first backed up sectors of France, the hurdy-gurdy city covers 60 hectares, staging Cathedral to banks of the Eure. Very close to the Cathedral, on the place of the Fish shop, draws up one of the most beautiful houses chartraines, the house of Salmon also said the house of the Sow-which-file, built at the beginning of XVIème century and equipped with woodcarvings. Downwards, bordered of half-timbered houses of which one is flanked staircase of the Berthe Queen, is paved and lit by lanterns suspended with chains, the street of the Riders replongent the walker at the time medieval. Uneven bridges, laundrettes, water mills rythment a pedestrian advance arranged along banks of the Eure; it makes it possible to profit from exceptional points of view on the high city. Partly pedestrian, animated by its trade and its markets, the hurdy-gurdy city preserved the alive and picturesque charm of its past of old medieval city.


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